Sunday, 28 June 2009

Been playing with.....................

my copics.. lol can you guess... bit happier with this one today (thank goodness lol)... Had this lovely strokeable sheet given to me by my 'kid sis'... and I didnt want to use it but... .. also no flowers the right colour... now theres a surprise... (or ribbon come to that) lol.. so I coloured the flowers with the copics i used.. worked a treat will try that out on ribbon next time.. think I read somewhere it worked !!! Oh I used the Manga Pad that Jacqui suggested for this one.... it works fabby.... so thanks Jacqui x
Im getting quite horticultral rofl ... mainly on FarmTown on Facebook lol but.. it somehow did make me take a long hard look at my own poor neglected garden... one on FB much prettier lol.. and much less hard work too. Managed all of 20 mins... needless to say back i s n ow killing me.. do I never learn. Defo time to call in a gardener I think... (no we not talking Lady Chatterley either !! ) lol
Right onward and upward... grapes to harvest I think... or did I do them??? if so, nearly time for bed I think.. yes I know its very early for me... but im shattered... must be all the gardening !! lol...........

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Happy bearday to you

Made this card when I was away for the weekend, for a challenge that was running on the Imagenation forum.... he didnt win... but as I got a lot of birthdays coming up in July he will find a nice new home somewhere lol... ... back to my copics.. and see if i can install my new toy.... Wills...... as in.... Robo = Robbie = Williams = Wills... well cant call him Robbie like everyone else.. .like to be different lol.. hope you all have a good day and I will hopefully be back tomorrow with another card... andit MIGHT be with copics ... im still practising away.. and oooh some more fell in my basket when I was buying a manga pad... Jacqui !!! I blame you this time hehehe... If you have not come across Jacqui's blog.... you must take a pop over there.. she is amazing with her copics.... and her cards are just fabby....

Blog Candy alert

Bev has a lovely little Tilda giveaway.. if you want to pop over to her blog.... thanks Bev.. Ive entered and keeping my fingers and toes crossed. x

Friday, 26 June 2009

A Card AT LAST.. well two actually

Well finally got half way through the sorting out of puter.. most of the hardware is re installed... along with some of the software... so I am nearly back with you full time.... poor you ! lol
In admidst all of this.. I have got two cards to show you... one is my first proper copics image.. which I am not happy with, my first go at this whilst testing out copics, went a lot better than this... but that was cos I had full personal tuition from Toni... this one.. ive been left to my own devices ! and its not good. !! but its certainly a learning curve... im happy to show you.. to say this is the way.. NOT to do it lol
The second card is a card that was on order.... I hope its not too 'grown up' for a baby card.. but I wanted to something a little bit different fr om the norm ... daughter said all ones in shop poop... i hope she doesnt feel the same about this one....
Will add another card tomorrow... as I made one for a challenge which I have not shown yet.. I know someone else has.. ie Pam lol...
so.. hopefully I am nearly back full time... to plague the life out of you all.. have a good evening... love

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

IM BACK - did you miss me?? lol

I would like to say thank you to all the followers and regular blog hoppers etc, who have been popping in and out to see what I have been up to.... sadly NOT a lot.... two reasons... one life has been a bit hectic this past week or more, and two, but more importantly... I had to take my computer to the hospital.. it was very sicky poorly. It is now back with me, as you can see.. lol.... and it will take a while for me to re arrange all my files again, as the puter had a total heart transplant... it is now on the road to recovery... therefore I do not have to sit and nurse it too much other than sort out files. In the meantime... >I am now back to my craft room and will start to do what I enjoy the most... make a card... thats if I can remember where the craft room is and how to make one lol.
I received a lovely gift in the post from one of my best friends, Debs, her way of thanking me for keeping her entertained at the hospital was to buy me a wonderful gift... of................. COPICS !!! (thank you Debs),... For those that have mailed me etc... she is doing well.. but awaiting surgery etc... love and hugs hun.
I had the chance to try these out, finally, on my weekend away with the girls, and I love them. So... keep an eye open for my first trial and error attempt at colouring in with them ! lol...
Thank you Toni for the card stock... can go and play now !!!!!
Hopefully I will be back later today and start to add cards again to my poor neglected blog.
thank you all for being so patient.... but as we know.. life and problems sometimes just get in the way of crafting and blogging... love to all... and now Im back... you should have a card almost daily... (heres hoping ah !! lol)

Monday, 15 June 2009

It never rains... but it gallstones !

Oh my giddy aunt. ! thats all I can say...
Weekend... DIFFERENT !!!!
Up until Sat 2pm fabulous... wonderful place, friends, company and food... obviously crafting as well.. we was all having such a brill time... apart from one, well, theres ALWAYS one !!! and this time.. it was our Debs.. bless her.
She not been right all weekend.. but Saturday the poor lass was in agony... (please use side bar for Jaks blog to read all about it) ! ... Debs was basically rushed to Emergency... with me in tow.. The ride in the ambulance is not recommended for someone with a chronic bad back !!! .. Debs was ok.. she totally out of it on morphine. I so wanted to try some too, as needed it by time I crawled out of the ambulance. !
She spent rest of day, and Sunday and half of Monday, being prodded, poked and un speakable things being done to her... To cut a long story short the poor girl has an inflammed pancreas (sp), and an inflammed gallbladder with gall stones, well we always said she had lost her marbles, now we found them..... lol...
The paramedics were fabulous, we even found a like minded one in Steph, being a crafter like the rest of us. ! lol...
I must have found the only taxi driver in the country that didnt have a blooming clue where he was going, after spending the best part of an hour going round and round in circles trying to get me back to the cottages where we were staying.. in the end, we by chance, come across the pub all the girls where having their meal in.... I felt like traffic police at that point "STOP"... says I ... having negociated. I would not do a bunk without paying if he didnt do a bunk and leave me stranded... lol... found the girls, paid the taxi driver (this being established AFTER I had got into the back of the car....) !!!!! ... and went back to the pub.. to be greeeted with... one bottle of wine and a glass the size of a gold fish bowl that Kim had bought for me... bless you Kim I LOVE YOU, lol... (no more back and forth to the fridge from now on). hehehe.
Thank you Toni and Sonia for putting me up at yours even if I did have to sleep with a blooming stuffed magpie.. which I didnt see last night, due to being slightly worse for wear hehe.... but did this morning after young Josh come to make sure I awake !!!! scared the poop out of me to say the least, the Magpie that is not Josh. ! ...
Debs is now home safe and sound.. awaiting gallbladder removal...
I had to then drive though the most horrendous weather I have ever experienced, hailstones the size of golf balls, torrential rain, flooding on the motorways and crawling along at 25 - 30 mile an hour...
however.... it is certainly a weekend I wont forget in a hurry.
Debs hun, hope you get sorted now....
Toni, love you hun... thank you
and to all the rest thank you for being such good friends and helping both Debs and myself out.
Im now on my 2nd glass of wine, due to the fact I too tired to get stuff and fishbowl out of the car...
love and hugs

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Well its finally come round... seems to have taken forever since it was booked.... but Im going away for the weekend... with a few of my fav peeps.. (dont tell them that bit or they only get big headed)... :) So I will be awol until Sun possibly Monday before I get to blog again... and I know I will be missed by sooo many (NOT) lol... Just didnt want you all to think Id done a bunk again lol.
It should be a fabby time, as its fellow crafters and friends... and Im not sure how much crafting is going to be done by the amount of alcohol that we seem to be taking between us ROFL... but Im sure we will fit a bit in somewhere., albeit a bit wonky ! hehe....
so incase I dont get back toyou all today.... (highly unlikely as Ive not packed a thing yet)... hope you all have a good weekend ahead... I know I will be.... take care all... and my card making efforts will be back next week..
oh and just for my sins... Ive got a visitor tonight... this time in the shape of a 2 year old child, and not a thing with wings LOL xxx

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

wow... blog candy.. and a fabby blog

Dont ya just love it when you stumble across a new blog, well a different blog, and it ticks all the right boxes for ya.. well i did.. please dont ask me how, cos im blowed if I can remember, but I am so glad I did...
True is offering up some fabby candy... and a girl after me own heart, loves Cuddly buddly and Fred she said.. need I say more..
candy ends. 22.5. xx good luck all

Last two.. LaPashe Flippin Teenagers

Yes.... I know its stupid o clock.. but couldnt sleep AGAIN.. so thought, as I got a very busy day ahead tomorrow I would post these now whilst I think about it..
Dont forget to check out Toni and Karens blogs... (links on below post and sidebar).. yes IM TIRED lol... and would probably end up doing something wrong if I attempted that just now ... im hoping I actually manage to upload the right photos lol.. or you could end up looking at a frog with a worm in its mouth or two dogs caught red pawed on the sofa !! lol... and no.... for t hose that no me NO BIRDS OR FEATHERS !!!! camera would have been shaking far too much and would have been blurry LOL... x gawd they do your eyes in this time of the morning lol.. glad I NOT been drinking lol xx nite all....

Monday, 8 June 2009

LaPashe - Flippin Teenagers -part two

Good morning everyone... Well the sun is finally trying to shine its way through, down here in Kent... its just not trying hard enough for my liking LOL.
Well done Jak on yesterdays show on C & C.. So strange seeing my cards on the box.. right weird feeling, but a very nice one... :).
I think all us girls on the DT thoroughly enjoyed making up these sheets.. and can see them going down a storm ..
Today I have added Mr. Twister lol... and I was stupid enough NOT to take a photo of the inside on its own, as its not very clear what I have put on the inside.. but take it from me, its an old fashioned Jukebox lol.. As with 'Twigs lookalikey' I just loved the dress I had to replicate it as best I could.. and where would she have been without the old Vespa scooter lol.. (well I think thats what they were anyway)... Im FAR too young to remember hehehe.
Dont forget to check out Toni and Karens blogs as I know they will be adding cards today as well.. and well done Karen for getting the hang of the scheduled posting... I think I have a duff blog set up.. and cant seem to find mine !! ROFL.. have a good day everyone, and do call back tomorrow and I will post two more cards..
I would also like to thank EVERYONE that posts comments on my blog, or just calls by for a quick gander... it is ALWAYS appreciated very much. take care all... x

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Stampin for the weekend... blog challenge

Come across this blog today.. Stampin for the weekend and thought I would have a go at the challenge they have set, (lilac and yellow) as my mojo seems to have been on hols and come back and went immediately on the sick.. !!!... Thought this might get me back in the swing of things, and it certainly did... so... here is my entry..

New LaPashe sheets -

Check out the new LaPashe sheets now on Idealworld/Create and Craft channel 22 freeview. Jak is on there now with them... and they are brill. I had so much fun with these ones. I particularly loved the hippy ones and had a ball with the BCR one. Good Luck Jak, not that you will need it.. another winner I feel.
Check out the other DT blogs... .. Jak, of course, Toni and Karen... (hopefully Karen has done a good job and got the scheduled post sorted LOL)... if you dont see owt.... she got it wrong.. lol.. bless. (says I who tried it and it not work... lol... so whos the fool here?)
right im off to sit glued to tv and see what creations Jak comes up with today.. always an inspiration. check back tomorrow and Tuesday as I will be adding a few more cards that I have made with the sheets.. and no doubt the other girls will be adding more too.. xx

Saturday, 6 June 2009

ooooohhh nearly forgot !!!

I DID make a card... for my special friend Lynn in Spain... Im so used to putting the cards on my blog the second they finished, (and obviously I couldnt with this one until she had received it ) and this was over a week or more... so no wonder I forgot I not added it... senior moments !! hehe...

IM BACK !!!!

I am so sorry I have been absent for so long, but as some of you may know, I had son and dil over from Africa for 6 weeks (with a little break inbetween, when they popped over to France for a while)... I have also had my two daughters and the grandkiddies here too, plus Matt and Anies friends popping in and out.. its been a bit manic to say the least, but I thoroughly enjoyed having all my family together at once, its not very often that happens, as M and A only get back to England once every two years. All is quiet in my house again, and I am gradually getting the house back to normal... lol... and boy is it taking time... having been feeling rough as old boots since they left, with cold and cough. However... Im a tough old chook, so will be ok given a few more days.
In amidst all the mayhem, illness and clearing up... I had a yearning to do something constructive... my poor plant was looking a bit worse for wear... (still not looking none to healthy)... it was pot bound... and the only flower pot I could find was half painted in maroon but someone.. (not me) ! lol.... so.. with an undercoat of cream paint, some napkins and plenty of pva glue.... this is what i come up with, not the best in the world, and certainly not the colours i would have chosen, but me being me... couldnt wait to go to town and find something in beige and brown !! lol... plant still not looking too good, but hopefully it will sort self out.
Big news !!!!!!!!!!!!!! as some may know..... new LaPashe sheets being shown on C and C on Sunday 2pm..... so... obviously... the DT members will have plenty to s how you.....
so dont forget to tune in to our Jak at 2pm. and please visit all the LP DT blogs.... and all I can say is... THEY ARE FAB !!!!

Ps ... Ruby Tyler will be having PLENTY to say too very soon... :) and cards will be back on here to show you... missed you all... xx