Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Hello my little blogging buddies.... :)...  I HAD to share this with you, cos I soooooooo chuffed to bits....
A fellow, (Mega talented), crafter... Michelle Cassell.... and also one of my rivals challengers.. in some of the Facebook Games and ALSO, my friend :)...  made a bracelet a short while ago, and put on Mo's FB page.

I spotted it, and... commented how much I loved it... (I also said just send to me :).  and bless her heart, she made me a bracelet up, PLUS (surprise surprise Cilla), also put in a handcrafted pendant Alice necklace (plus some other likkle goodies and a fabby Christmas card, this all dropped on my mat this morning, and to be honest, it has taken me ALL day to get over the shock, excitement, awe, and gratitude (if thats the right word I looking for, I know what I mean lol).
I was simply stunned at the awesome work of art that  Meesh has created, I just HAD to show everyone... its absolutely FABULOUS.  And I cant wait to show all my friends and family come Xmas...
So to my buddy  Meesh... (and I hope you will all pop over to her blog and see her STUNNING works of art,) THANK YOU so much hun... I absolutely adore it.. and you are one very kind, talented and generous lady.  (still not happy you keep beating me at all the games however LOL), but will forgive you now :).

Would like to add, that all the images Meesh has used are by Mo Manning, and can be found HERE.  

How blooming lucky am I? Mos AND Michelles works of art to keep forever ::) !!!!
I would also like to add..... I haven't ' known'  Meesh for long at all... (just passing bloggers, and rivals in FB games lol) so this means soo much to me... xx 
hugs Jackie. xxx


Vicky said...

Wow what a fabulous surprise hun and I can see why you were gobsmacked! The artwork is just beautiful and you are such a very lucky lady!
I will pop over to her blog now to see all of your friends wonderful creations :o)
hugs Vicky xx

Daisycat said...

You are certainly one lucky girl, it is absolutely fantastic.

Meesh said...

You're making me blush, Jackie! LOL.
Had to get my backside in gear and add the pic's of my jewellery and recent cards. Well, it's ONLY been a month since I last updated my blog :S

Glad you're pleased with the goodies. XXX

My'scardcorner said...

WOW Jackie that is fabulous work and must of been a gobstopping surprise for you.Off over to have a peep at her blog. Enjoy showing off your gift.

Jan M said...

That is gorgeous - I remember seeing the original before when blog hopping and thinking how fab it was !! Lucky you x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift Jackie but you deserved it cos you are ovely too

McLiz xx