Sunday 7 December 2014

Making Cards Magazine is having a Call-Out

How would you  like to be featured in an up and coming issue of Making Cards Magazine?   To have one (or m ore) cards you have made up there 'in lights' !.  ~The Mag is looking for peeps to send in their gorge cards with the possibility of them being published in the mag in due course!!! (this is how I started)... :) and am so so happy and proud  to still be there...

All you have to do, is... make a fabby creation and send it 'physically' to

Your Cards, Making Cards, Warners Group Publications, West Street, Bourne, Lincs, PE10 9PH

Go for  it... you m ay even win a little something in the process.. OR.. it could lead on to better things.... what have you got to  lose???  a little bit of time creating... which we all love. :).... pass the word...

hugs Jackie x 

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