Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tilda and butterflies

Finally finished.... two painted images later... all colours of rainbow papers out, filling entire room... plus what looks like a raid on a haberdashry ! So much for pick paper and paint image accordingly ! This card started out as a blue and brown Sarah Kaye... dont ask.. lol...
However, although not what I started out to do, still pleased with end result, and found some lovely papers on my travels (again) lol. Will be back later to finish that award thingy.. Now need to take dogs for walk as the bigger one is climbing walls and playing chuck the biscuit in the air and kill it on landing, game.. she making her own entertainment until I get my coat out !!! LOL.. Then big race on who can get to front door first.. needless to say she is always first.. with myself and old girlie taking our time, well we tried rushing but it just doesnt happen at our age.. she may be 107 but I sure still feel it at mo LOL.. (ok so she is usually in second place in the 'race'but I didnt like to admit Im always last ! :)


Louise Emma said...

That is just gorgeous jackie x

Greta said...

Beautiful card Jackie. Love it but still wish Tilda had a mouth LOL x