Friday, 16 January 2009

Card for today

Still being good and beginning to use some of my 'just for looking at'papers lol Going to go on the hunt later for some sketches, as without even realising at the time, I seem to be using the same layout a lot of late... So think a bit more blog hopping is in need lol... trouble is I get sooo easily sidetracked, looking at all the lovely cards people are making, blog candy, funny stories etc etc... and before I know it, my eyelids are drooping, its way past my bedtime, and Im still none the wiser in finding what I had set out to find 4 hours earlier. ! So maybe if I start now, by midnight, I might actually achieve it this time..... says I !!! lol
Have got some special news, but cant tell you yet.. hehe.. so you will have to come back next week when I spill the beans. not sure why the ribbon looks so green compared to the flowers, cos they match lol... little gremlins again... same with the brown flowers, they actually match the backing.... either that or I need new googles !


Anonymous said...

Lovely card Jazz you are a tease though whats this good news then?
Enjoy your blog hopping and hope you gets loads of inspiration.

Karen said...

Beautiful card Jackie. Love it.

Love Karen x

Anonymous said...

lovely card jackie
chrisa x

Louise Emma said...

Its gorgeous Jackie xx