Wednesday, 7 January 2009

My new stamp

Finally a new card. With one of the new stamps my DD got me for Christmas.. .. By Sarah Kay, just love these stamps. Thought would go for pink.. and green lol for a change.. as seem to have been on a bit of a lilac kick with my last couple of cards, so nice not to do xmas colours. I seem to be stuck in the flower mode at min.. until I get bored with it.. lol.. Still havent decided what my forte is yet I dont think, my style seems to change every so many weeks, but thats the beauty of cards crafting, so many different avenues to go down, so many new things to try, well new to me anyway, still coming to grips with the colouring of stamps, not as good as I would like to be as yet, but still practicing LOL.
Got a queston for all you bloggers, well all 6 of you that might visit lol well actually two questions.
I seem to have lost my 'pencil'from my posts, so that I can edit each post from the main page with one click...
also I dont seem to be able to leave comments for anyone else.. as the code thingy is not showing up on their comment box... anyone got any ideas what on earth I have done to my blog for this to happen? answers on a postcard please. ! lol.. its infuriating the life out of me at mo... as cant comment on anyones blog... Many thanks.. and hope you like the cards Have a good day everyone and wrap up warm,. its cold out there. ! again. x OH..... also... I seem to have lost my tool bar now and I cant attach a picture of the card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! opppps so thats 3 questions.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you get sorted soon Jackie as Id like to see your latest card. :o)