Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year and a Warning !!!!!

Happy New Year to everyone.
Sorry I have not been around of late... but with being poorly and Christmas and New Year etc.. you know what its like... time just flies by and then you realise you have neglected your blog and friends.
Well Im back now... but with some bad news Im afraid... but it is also a warning to others that do read my blog, to be extra careful.
I belong to a wonderful forum, Imag-e-nation, and as with here, we share and show are cards and makes.. Whilst a friend of mine was blog hopping, as you do, she came across a few pictures of wedding invitations that she recognised immediately......... my wedding invitations that I had made for my daughters up and coming wedding this year... plus rsvp cards, place names etc... all 150 of them.. in various states of process. Ending with the finished result... yes I did post them on forum and blog a few months back. Now these images she found... were NOT on my blog, and not on any posting I had made on forum... but ... they had been lifted by a fellow forum member and posted on her blogs and sites and claimed them to be here own work !!!! Not just copied the design, as if that would have been naughty enough ... but lifted the whole images.
When we looked at all her sites, to which she had a few... it came to light other peoples works was also on them.... once again, passing them off as her own work.... So.. ladies (and any gents)... please take steps to get a copyright overlay put on your photos or take other steps to make sure this sort of thing does not happen to you. !!!
As this person was found guilty as charged... well no doubt about that whatsoever... I will put her name here for all to see... Agnes Robertson. Please let any other forum you belong to know of this... so that everyone can do what is necessary to stop this.
sorry to be tider of bad news... but I know how this has made my friends and I feel... and I would hate for others to go through it also.
I will be back in next day or so with some cards that are half baked at mo. This time... with copyright stamped all over them lol.... take care all... and I have missed you all... xx


Karen said...

Jackie thats terrible. Have you contacted her? What did she say?

Love Karen aka little mo xxx

Jackie said...

Yes Karen I did contact her, her first reaction was... she didnt know what I was talking about !!!!... the more we investigated her varioius sites (about 5 or 6 of them).. the more of other peoples work come to light. This is one unscrupulous woman. She changes identity all the time on variouis forums.. so goodness knows how long she has been up to this theft. Even had the cheek to say on her blog/sites these are copyrighted please do not copy !!! rofl... laughable really. Makes you wonder how she would have made the same invites if someone had wanted to put an order in for them. !!!!!

sheffsue said...

Glad to see that you have named and shamed Jackie...she deserves nothing less.

Sue x