Saturday, 10 January 2009

A card ! finally

Well finally I can do what I meant to be doing, and add a card... or two lol... back to normality... well as normal as I get... its sooo nice to have my little blog back again.. (how sad is that) !
You just dont realise how much you going to miss something, till its gone.. !
These are a couple of cards I made, with two of the new stamps my daughter very kindly bought me for christmas.. by Sarah Kay.. Really must get myself back to my craft room now all has been restored on computer, and play with the other stamps.... got 6 new to play with so a lot of catching up to do..
Dont think I will be v enturing very far today, as its reading -4 deg outside !!! ... thermals and thick socks needed .. .and thats indoor lol..
Im hoping and praying my oil delivery comes before the oil runs out... as the 'sentry'is flashing away like a goodun in my kitchen... and I dont like to see it reading 1 !!!! ... bit scary.. will have to go have a read up and see how much oil I have actually got in tank.. I think I should be ok for a couple of weeks, but... .its still very worrying... Im the sort that panics when the petrol gauge on car reads quarter of a tank lol..
so without further ado..... the cards... hope you like.. x


Happy Crafter said...

Hi Jackie, Gorgeous cards love the images and papers very pretty :)
Happy New Year Year!
Glad to see you got your blog sorted out :)
Hugs Val xxx

Toni said...

Yeah your sorted thank hevens your cards look lovely hun hugs Toni x

Louise Emma said...

Both stunners Jackie, and glad to see you are watermarking, don't want any more peeps stealing your work now do we? Glad you are back up and running hunny x

Anonymous said...

hi jackie glad you`re back and blogging again
your cards are lovely
chrisa x

Karen said...

Well Jackie they were well worth the wait. They're both absolutely lovely.

Love Karen xxx

Anonymous said...

Glad you are up and running again Jackie. Lovely cards especially like the one on the bike.Hope your oil lasts as it is so cold at the moment.

Greta said...

Love the cards. I want to play with your new stamps you lucky girl. x

Anonymous said...

Please Jackie let me explain myself its crafty betsy and l want to APOLOGISE for my behavour and lifting your cards to display on websites l am utterly utterly sorry for what l did and if l could turn clock back and change things l would please believe me im utterly disgusted with myself for doing that as there was no need 99.9% of cards were all mine and no one else's l have spoken to Jak l should have came forward immediately and apologised to you publicly and the only way l know how to is here l never copied your cards l used them as samples and had forgotten they were on there please believe me when l say im utterly sorry for the hurt l caused you and your daughter and there was no excuse for me doing so l cannot right my wrongs but please believe me when l say l am truly SORRY