Thursday, 15 January 2009

Good Morning

Hi everyone, oh its been a busy few days... but I think I have finally got a day to myself... and will be off up in my little craft room in a bit.. to redo a challenge card... hehe... I sort of made a bit of an error... I read the instructions for both the PBSC and also for the PTWC.. went off upstairs to do the cards.... completed one, come back down to take a photo and add a link etc... only to realise I had.. put the two challenges together ... der... One should have been pink and brown with a PB image.... and the other was a sketch.... what did I do... the sketch in pink and brown .. with a deco in the middle... so not quite how it should have been.. that will teach me to try and multi task lol.
However, its made a n ice card nethertheless Had I have stuck a BP image in I would have got away with it on both counts. oh well. So today back to drawing board. LOL

Still no sign of the oilman... getting a tad worried now... have turned everything down a bit and walking round like a little eskimo some of the time, but I so worried it will totally run out and muck up the boiler, Im taking no chances.
Specially as Monday I went to drive car and it dead...totally flat lined... Got the mechanic out, and he used the old jump leads and hey presto.. life in the old girl... the car that is not me.. :)... took her up to garage to check it out.. and this little light appeared... soo whilst the garage man is very nicely telling me I might need a new battery, I very quietly said... would a little red light on the dash make my car die??? what little red light is that then? the one that tells me I have left the boot open a tad ! oh yes.. that would do it.. lol... now when I leave my lights on and try to get out of car... it beeps at me... so no chance of it happening, but when you get your shopping out of boot then lock up car... no beep and as not in car.. no little lights to tell you.... so lesson learnt... double check boot is firmly shut in future ! lol I did feel a bit stupid, but .. whats new. :).. at least it not cost me an arm and a leg anyway... and all is well now after a nice drive to charge it back up.
Right... card.... mix and match .. hehe... will add that, and say have a great day folks.
and hopefully will get myself back on form and start adding a few more cards now. Just dont know where the days go.

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Toni said...

a lovely card hun whether for a challenge or not
hugs Toni x