Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Its still middle of the night !

Well it feels like that, cos some stupid person set the alarm for 5.20... instead of 6.30.. (and even thats FAR too early for me).. but off to the Craft Barn today, for a day with the girlys, and some crafting, if I can stay awake that is. Should be a good day all in all, as meeting up with fellow forum members of Imag-e-nation, many of whom I have made such good friends with other the years, and we certainly do have a fab time when we manage to meet up.. so apart from being half a sleep at mo.. I hope I come to life a bit before I have to get the car on the road !! Was sooo tempted to go back to bed for another hour or so.. but think I might have thrown the alarm clock out of the window if it 'spoke'to me again... I dont do mornings... and even less anything before 8am. grr.. Must remember to take glasses next time I intend to set the clock. ! Personally I think the gremlins have moved from out of the puter and onto the clock.!
Have a card all ready to add later... just needs a sentiment plonked on it... yep thats the way im feeling at mo... im sure by the time I get around to doing it.. it will be lovingly placed on the card LOL.
Still waiting for the 'Boss' to spill the beans !! But within the next few days... there might be an additional logo going on my sidebar.. :) Dont you just love a mystery? lol
or... I might just let you all know tonight when I get back from my day of playing..
have a good day everyone... and if Im sat with matchsticks later they wont be for crafting of any discription, or to light up another ciggie.. (yes I know... bad person)... but to keep my eyelids open ! :)


wintersparkle said...

I tell you what your blog always brings a hint of sunshine into my mornings, have a lovely day xx

Karen said...

Never mind Jackie, I was up at that time but I had been at work all night. I'm just off to bed in a mo. Happy crafting.

Love Karen xxx

Toni said...

Hope you have a fantastic day hun

suzanne said...

You sound like me, lol! I don't do mornings either!

Hope you had a great day anyway.
Suzanne x