Monday, 26 January 2009

Just for a change....

Daughter wanted a card for her good friend who loves Retreivers.... I really did try not to use flowers .. honest I did ! but what started out is not how the card finished ! lol.. how many times does that happen ! LOTS ... but I was pleased with result , and so was daughter.
All inserts done for all the SK cards I have been making of late... grandsons cards done and in envies !!! ... lol.. no pics ! opps.. just got TOO much going on at mo... cant remember everything lol... Now to see if the two fishes and five loaves works in this house, me thinks not somehow,.... but ... about 8 or so square cards.... and about 2 square envies !!!! say no more. ! Gary.. hurry up and stock the shop will you... ! :) please !


Anonymous said...

That is so cute even with the flowers:0)

Toni said...

oh its so cute I love it Jazz

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card, the image is sooo cute.


Norma said...

another lovely card Jackie, love the image AND the flowers

Norma x

Jak Heath said...

Great card jackie.