Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Wont be on here long... well not in one go... Went a bit mad yesterday, defrosting mothers freezer, and doing a bit of spring cleaning .... but the freezer had been turned up to max, (accidentally)... and it took me 4 hours to sort it... unfortunately,... and my back didnt take to kindly to it at all.. Im in agony today, stiff as a board and ache like mad... but apart from that ! lol... and not being able to sit on puter chair or craft chair for long... (back to my sofa in a min)... will add a Tilda card I done last week, but didnt get round to adding to blog, so, will add it now, also tried to keep this one to a minimum, as I have been going a bit... overboard with flowers and such, but now, looking at it, it seems too bare lol, and yes you have seen the papers before lol... this was pre sort out of top of printer, (paper junkyard if in working progress)... well... no room left on table to put as I do like to spread it out... hehe... hope you all have a good day... need to get off this hard chair now (and thats with a cushion)... think a proper computer chair in need.... !!! catch you in a day or so x if I can get out of bed tomorrow that is lol


Anonymous said...

Thats cute Jackie Hope you back is better tomorrow can sympathise with that.Take care

Norma said...

Lovely card Jackie, i dont think it looks bare at all.
Now you just go and look after yourself and hopefully you will be feeling better tomorrow.

Norma x

Anonymous said...

lovely card jackie can sympathise with you on the back problem hope you`re soon feeling better
chrisa x

Happy Crafter said...

Fab card Jackie and sometimes less is more as in this case, love it :)
Hope your back pain does'nt last long.
Val xxx