Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Help Needed Fellow Bloggers...

My blog is very very sicky poorly. And I dont know whats happened to it and I certainly dont know how to fix it.... so.... I hope someone out there who reads this might be able to help... as Ive spent all day going round in circles and still ive not rectified anything.
My toolbar has totally disappeared from my posting bit.... I cannot add pictures or edit or anything. NO TOOLBAR. I have cleared all cookies and cache etc.
All my followers are not visable on my front page.
It is thou only some images are showing.
Also when I go to add a comment to another person blog (whom I know has the word verification)... it tells me to copy the WV.... but... I cannot see it... so therefore cannot copy it, and in turn, cannot leave comments.
Can ANYONE please help me out? Ive tried to get some sense out of the blog help... but all it tells me is to clear cache etc, which I have done (about a dozen times).
My picture did disappear, and when I looked into that... it was giving me an error on the url.. although I didnt touch it... so i deleted that, and loaded up new pic. But once again, I think this has something to do with the problem.

Can anyone make any sense of this????? Many thanks J x

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