Friday, 4 September 2009

Gorjuss in Blue

A bit of watercolouring and a bit of copics on this one, I wasnt happy with the way the hair was in water colour, so went over in copics.. getting too used to the bolder look I think. :) although I did manage to achieve the look I wanted with the dress.
Got something a little different to show you tomorrow.. just debating whether to add a sentiment to it or not...
Off to do some decorating today, as daughter is due back and I not done anything down the house this week... ohhh will I be in heap big trouble... so best I go down and do something for her.. Have been waiting on the plasterer to finish thou.. in my defence lol...
As for the update on the wildlife here..... plug in music makers, cos Im sure thats what it is... (sposed to be hi pitched noise to deter mice)... is NO T working... infact I think they like it, so much so, they bringing friends in now for a party !!!! I am NOT happy... they will soon be totally evicted when have kitchen ripped out (if it ever happens)... and all holes will be filled and no hiding places ie under stairs cupboards and such, cos I having thou ripped out too. Its a bit of an ongoing saga with this kitchen.... one day she says, one day... it will happen. I thought there was a recession and builders etc all looking for work !!!!! obviously cant be that bad cos I having probs getting quotes, never mind having the work done. glad I off to Spain next week... see how real people live in real houses, with proper kitchens and NO MICE !!! lol..
Can you tell I just a tad cheesed off... no pun there either !!!! they prefer dogs biscuits !! lol


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

This card is adorable Jackie!!! And your coloring is PERFECT!! Enjoy your time in Spain and forget about the problems back home ... they'll probably still be there when you get back!! LOL!!

Cheryl said...

she sure is gorgeous adore blue this is just beautiful love cheryl xxxx

Cazz said...

I love it xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kim said...

She is "gorjuss". I love the effects of your watercolors and the copics. I am going to have to get some copics.
Love the blues too!
Kim xXx