Monday, 4 May 2009

Me Devil child... nannie says ..

Hello peeps,
Nannie not happy... she saying I got three sixes on head.... not know what mean, me cant see nuffink on head... scept felt tip pen that missed the paper...
I wanted to come see my Nannie today, well actually see if she had any biskits left in cupboard but for some reason me screaming not make her listen... not understand ! Mummy tried talking to Nannie today... but me wanted alll the attention... I watch Peppa Pig ... twice.. and palyed with Barney lots of times, but I still bored.... oh oh .. I sooo forgot to tell you all.. I got new babysitter now... she my bestest ever friend... when I stayed at nannies to sleep the other night... when Nannie put me to bed.... (she left televison on for me, but dont tell mummy)... and she made sure I not fall out of big bed.... and.. she left me new babysitter.... she very warm, and very snuggly and when Nannie asked her to go downstairs .. she done what I do... she not listen... she stayed put on bed... me love my babysitter... nannie tried lots of times to get her come downstairs... but she not leave me... she must have known I not have my special blankie, or my bottle of milk (just dont taste same in a cup)... and me not have my Iggle piggle either... so... Xev slept next to me allllll night.. I love her, but she got cold wet nose, and kept sticking it on me... think it to let me know she still there.. :)... in morning, Nannie tried to get her off bed again, naughty nannie,... nannie went downstairs to have a smokey stick and a coffee in peace.. me and xev had lie in... (just to give Nannie some peace and quiet you understand)... cos she gets EVER so grumpy otherwise. she say she not do mornings.. think she got s ticky thingy on fridge saying that too... :).. so... anyways... xev not go downstairs either, maybe she 'cared of Nannie too ... but when I woked up... Xev jumped off bed and Nannie heard her and come up and got me.. I asked for juiice, choclate, milk, porridge, biskits, chrips, .. just got porridge.. how unfair is that.? anyways... me liked sleeping in Nannies bed cos i got all room to lay wrong way round hehehe.. dont think Nannie got much room between me and Xev.. I have to go now... til next time.. xxxxxxxx Ruby T. xx


Greta said...

Aw bless her. Take it Muggi's still keeping out of her way LOL xx

Sylvia said...

Fabulous just love reading Ruby T's stories.........Jackie you should make a book...

Please keep them up .....I look forward to reading them....bless

Night Night Ruby T...x

Sylvia R xxx

Anonymous said...

Ruby Tyler you've cheered up my day. Love reading about your stay with Nannie. Please keep posting them. (I can't get onto my google account so have had to sign in as anonymous) but I'm not anonymous I'm Carol (Crafty Carol)
Night Ruby Tyler & nannie.
Lv Carol x x

traceym said...

I love reading about your antics Ruby.....make sure you let us know more about your next visit. How grey are you now then Jackie?

love Trace x

Lynn said...

How can anyone so cute looking have 3 sixes on her head! Ruby, you tell Nannie that you are a little angel and a very clever one at that!
Thanks for telling us all about your stay, you are such a treasure!

Daisycat said...

You have started my day off with a laugh which is good as I have a horrible day of inspections today. Keep telling us about your antics and I bet your Nannie is in bed all day to recover.

Dawn Loring said...

Hello Ruby. Just tell Nannie if she want's a break from you sleeping over I will come and stay as well........but only if Uncle Matt is there! Nannie knows what I mean.
But tell Nannie not to buy you those naughty biskits that have been on the telly yesterday as they are bad for you.
Hope you come to stay soon and tell us another story.

Joy said...

What a lovely time you had Ruby T. I hope your Nannie knows how lucky she is to have you keeping her company.

lynne said...

aww bless her she is so so sweet lynne xx