Thursday, 16 October 2008

todays make

made another couple of cards today and a half lol.... layout sorted, but due to a blind, deaf, lost in space yorkshire terrier, I never got to finish it off... as up and down the stairs all day ... run out of time, .............. light .......................................and breath ! oh and patience ! LOL
so will put one on today, and you can wait for the others tomorrow lol...

Have booked my b and b today for my little jaunt up north beginning of next month... Im off to see... no, not the wizard... but my good friend Karen J for a couple of days, test out the local water, try out the local craft shops, and .... I know I shouldnt say this, being that Im back at Slimming world.. lol, but... well got to see if the currys up there are better than dan saff. ! lol and hey if I really like it... might stay hehe.
then off to visit my eldest daughter and two grandsons.. little angels !!! :) (not)... but im sure they will at least try to behave.. well for all of about 5 minutes. lol... spending a couple of days with them, then return to Kent... now thats the plan. NOw.... the thing is.... 1) can I fit a surf board in the back of the car (no.. I not going surfing.. dont be silly.... even I know Huddersfield not got beach ! ...) If anyone used to watch 3 of A Kind sitcom, you will know what i meean !!!! 2) Just how reliable is Norman?????? (Navman) 3) HOw long will a 4 and half hour journey take me? and 4)... Karen please have a very large glass of something very alcoholic ready for me, when I finally get there !!!!


Anonymous said...

lovely card Jazz Hope your yorkie is safe:0)

Toni said...

woohoo its a fab card Jackie love the colours

Deb said...

Have a wonderful vacation!! Beautiful card!

Karen J said...

Gorgeous card J .. and I've already poured you a very large glass of something alcholic .. but seeing as you won't be here for a couple of weeks yet .. I'll drink it for ya!!!
Karen xx

Louise Emma said...

Cor flippin eck. I only bimbled over to see one card and you have put tonnes on! Well done, that mojo is definately working hun x