Friday, 31 October 2008

Blog Candy and Craft room !

Dawn has very kindly put up some blog candy.. in return for piccies of our craft rooms.... (although she hasnt decided what, probably a duster and some furniture polish in my case, if I get pulled out of hat hehe)
so here is my little cubby hole.. (I have actually put piccies of my craft room on before, but thought I would take a few more)...
Feeling much better now I dont look like the Elephant Man anymore, although trip to dentist defo in order on return from my jollies next week.
I havent made many cards over the past week, so I do apologise to all those that pop by to see what Ive been up to. (just havent felt well enough to be honest)... and now Im too busy, doing a weeks housework, packing, sorting out dog sitters, satnavs, route maps etc.... so hope you will all come by again once Ive returned from Last of the Summer Wine country... (if I ever get there in one piece that is) lol.
so... here is the link.. although it does close today, and I am sorry Ive left it soo late, but sure you will all understand ... i not been welll...LOL...
I must admit, I did enjoy taking a peek into everyone elses crafting spots. (and Bev... you always make me feel better, cos I think I got far too much stuff, until I see yours LOL... then I dont feel quite soooo guilty XX


Dawn said...

Aww Jackie sorry to hear about your face - abscesses are horrendously painful.
Now you have a neat neat crafty space - and I think most of us crafters have far too much stash!!
Thanks for joining in and Good Luck!


Cazz said...

what a tidy room - I would be far too embarressed to put mine on - its a tip right now lol. glad to hear you are feeling better now hun xx

Michelle Weerts said...

aww jackie. thank you so much for my lovely card. you really didnt have to do that, but im glad you did coz i LOVE IT!

what do you use to create the lovely scalloped edge round the tilda? I really need to work it out coz its gorgeous!

glad you are feeling better, and your craft room is fab!
thanks again honey


denise said...

wow, wish i had a craft space like that.mine is all over the livingroom lol,great blog. Denise x