Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Card for today

another one of my xmas bakes... sorry makes LOL... Just using up some PB stickers I had found and those double sided peeloffs sticky things... hence the glitter... yep craft room, me and dogs all covered by end of this card... it really does get everywhere doesnt it!. shouldnt be sat here right now... as just got all my paints ouit and some stamps... to go and have a play... I so need some decent xmas stamps... Im liking the WOJ ones... just so scrummy... they on my wish list... i just wish someone would order some for me ! LOL.. think I might have to go tap up some good friends for some images !!!!! yoooo hooo Bev! LOL.. right back to the .... well I cant say grind stone can I ..... playing for afternoon... so... my little craft nest is awaiting my presence.... will catch you all later.. and if you really really good... might even stick another card on later.. well, Ive got to show willing once in a while lol... take care folks and thanks for visiting... would also like to thank everyone for all their lovely comments, its always such a pleasure to read them, and I do really appreciate it. .... x


Deb said...

This is really beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the birthday wishes!!

Toni said...

Might just be stickers but they make a fab card Jackie love it

Norma said...

Love this one aswell Jazz,really like the layout

Norma x