Monday, 20 October 2008

Birthday card, for a change

I dragged myself away from the Christmas stash... and had a play with some new prima flowers instead... oh and yet another stamped and coloured image.. I would like to say I used one of the new fandangle paints, ie... prisma?, or distress inks or glimmer somethings or another lol... but.. I didnt.... I used good old 99p paints from woolies (in the kids section)... plus some sparkley paints I was given as a pressie from my good friend Debs, ages ago.. yes, I have the Marvy pens, and sakura ones, but hardly ever use them... seem to fair better with kids ones... what does that tell you !! LOL.. perhaps I should put some sparkelys on my xmas wish list??? hehe...
This was a card my daughter asked me to make for her friend .. with a cat on it ! Ive still not shifted my bum and put new inks in the printer !!.. so.. cheated and stamped and embossed again. Luckily I wasnt asked to put the girls name on the card lol.. or I would be in heaps of trouble.
anyway, thought Id spoil you and add another card.. and maybe go and finish my silk flower one.. desperately needing caffine fix now !!! laters xx
Blog Candy time.


Daisycat said...

Lovely card, just goes to show that you can get the same results with cheap kids paints. Although saying that I think you have to have some artistic talent because I cannot get that result with the expensive paints. LOL

Happy Crafter said...

Love your blog,just spent 45 mins lookin round have enjoyed my visit to ya but have to go get dinner ready everyone is starving, hope you dont mind but i am going to follow you...... and no i'm not a stalker lol........ i'm a happy crafter :)
Happy to have found you :)
Val x

shellshearer said...

gorgeous card hun

Norma said...

Love this one Jazz, do you think if i bought some cheapies from woolies, i could get as good a result as that, nope i dont think so

Norma x