Monday, 27 October 2008

Hammy hampster here!

and looking more and more like the Elephant man by the min.... think I got abscess in mouth... and I dont look particularly pretty at the mo... ok... so I dont normally, but at least I got an excuse now ! LOL... One side of face extremely swollen to say the least... and although had toothache yesterday, didnt expect to wake up looking like I do now. ! Awaiting callback from dentist ! HOpefully wont be too long, as not feeling 100% at mo...
In the mean time... Just started doing a bit of blog hopping whilst I waiting for phone call, and come across a lovely blog and also some giveaway blog candy..


Viv said...

Thanks for joining in with my blog candy Jackie! Good luck!
Love your cards... Bags of inspiration here!
Viv xxx (a fellow abcess sufferer)!

sheffsue said...

Ouch!!! Hope you got the "Hamster" sorted Jackie.

Sue x

Cazz said...

Awww hun, sorry to hear about your Hamster face. I have just the thing to make you feel better

Take care and hope you feel better soon xx