Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Well its almost cold enough!

For snowmen and Eskimo outfits LOL, so thought would add this card today, Yes, ok I cheated I made it yesterday and should have added it... but knew I had yet another hectic day today, and wouldnt get the time to make one... so held this back... cant go spoiling you all in one go !!
Got the image from Funky Fairy (see sidebar)..Some fab free downloads on there..and a brill blog.
Spent over half hour yesterday in bank... sorting out sons bank account... (personally I think he got me money laundering so he can have me put inside so he can nab my house) LOL.... done all the paperwork, which takes forever, waited for second time in queue, only to get to the cashier and for him to say did I have two forms of ID .... erm .... no !!!! blagged my way through that one, as nice young man at desk had the misfortune of dealing with me last time I had to do one of these, and funny enough... he remembered me ! (cant think why) LOL... so gave all the paperwork in.. and off home I went... only to check my answer phone when I got home to find.................... message from bank..... ... I hadnt signed the form !!!! grrrr.... so today... back I went again.. I hate TOWNS.
Also had to go up and check the drains at 'Dad's'house... stocking full of toot off the roof.... put a fresh one on ... cleaned off the salt deposits on inside of wall... and another day gone.
Can someone please point me in right direction to my craft room again... please.. and also give me a day of peace and quiet with no problems?
Tomorrow morning will be spent doing copies and copies of paperwork I need to send off... and there is a fair wack of that... so not looking forward to that either... why is life never simple??? Just want to have a stress free day in my little cubby hole playing... and I even made an effort to clear a slightly bigger space to do some crafting in... got half a desk now !!! impressed or what??? LOL not that that will last long . !
Just where are the days going?? Im only half way to getting my xmas cards done, plus still got orders, plus... ohhhh not been to the shop for ages.. so need to get over there too... and not sure what got in my spare box.. please please let there be enough for this time to add to shop.. cos I really not got the time to make any more 'normal'cards just now...
on that note... (and they say cardmaking is meant to be relaxing)?????
Off to put head in gas oven... oh forgot , two slight problems with that, Northsea now... and.... I dont get gas here LOL...


Anonymous said...

Its lovely Jackie Hope you have a stress free day tomorrow :0)

Cazz said...

Your card is gorgeous hun xxx And it appears my lovely mate Myra agree's too lolol

Hope all goes well tomorrow for you kiddo x

Deb Wood said...

Very cute!

Louise Emma said...