Tuesday, 11 November 2008

quickie card

Thought would try again today to make a few cards.. !!! needless to say, I gave up.. I had already stamped this up and wasnt sure what to do with it.. but it surely wasnt anything like it ended up LOL.... due to still feeling dreadful... I literally threw this together... and called it a day.. not even sure I like it. never mind.. always tomorrow.
Just tried to walk the dogs, and it nearly killed me... then I nearly killed the oap... she done the off.. and I couldnt run to catch her for the life of me... so she got home about 5 mins before me. !!! I really shouldnt let her off the lead, as she just takes herself off home when she has had enough.. I had a coughing fit in middle of field... and thought my time was up LOL... dont think the cold sharp wind done me any favours. !... oh well at least the Collie had fun.. one out of three not bad..! catch you all tomorrow.... off to do a bit more pill popping Fed up with this now.


Cazz said...

Its a lovely card Jazz xxx So sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. Now get better soon - thats an order Mrs xx

Bev said...

Yuhooooo!! There's summat onme blog for yooooouuuu!!!

B x

Happy Crafter said...

I think this card is lovely Jackie, sorry you are still unwell and hope you feel better real soon :)
Take care Val xxx

Louise Emma said...

Sounds like the OAP Collie has more life in her than you at the moment Jackie, Hope you feel a bit better soon hun x

Anonymous said...

I like it Jazz. Hope you feel better tomorrow know what you mean about pill popping as Ive been at it all week and its not fun.
Had my yorkie for his flu jab today lol:00)well his booster then and he is 63 lol
Take care

jay670120 said...

oooh hope you are feeling better , if you want to enter craft challenges and competitions come over and join us at
jayne x

Deb Wood said...

Very pretty!