Thursday, 13 November 2008

Lapashe/ C & C

Im still here.... Im on the mend from man flu.. ok.. flu... ok.. bad bad cold.. one or the other.. but recovering.. thank goodness. Sound like some Alaskian husky dog, but the body is recovering quicker than the voice lol. ! Feeling as human as I get. So.. in all.. a GOOD DAY lol.
I love my postie... (ok bit strong).. I really like him... in shorts and hairy legs,, all year.. but. every man to their own I say ! lol... he brought me... my new LaPashe sheets.. series 5 and 6 .. nice man ! :)... Jak you costing me a fortune gal. ! lol but loving every minute of it. Also... how cool is this... hand made card from the Mistress her self.. ohh does that sound like a Madam ? LOL anyways... As I was saying... The Mistress ... !!! .. none other than Jak...herself... made in front of trillions on C and C... (yep another super sell out)... I emailed in.. saying.. i sooooo pooorly.. (well I was, so no lie there)... had to drag myself to the pouter to type that ! ...) and congrats etc to our Jak... and lo and behold.. in the post.. THE card.... how cool... such a happy bunny. signed as well... (that will be on ebay in a few years ) LOL... highest bidder highest bidder ! lol... .
I am very proud to know this lady and she is fab.. and her deco sheets are amazing.. if you have not heard of her or seen them.. go check them out.. will try and leave a link lol. ! Fab for mens cards in particular.. and we all know how much we hate them... no... not the men... well.. ok maybe from time to time... but ... making the cards for them ... so difficult.. yes the cards.... no not the men... hehe..
so.. on that note... here is the ... pride of place card... and hopefully a link ... thanks again Jak.. and also Magic hands lol.. xxxxxxx promise to try and add a card over the next couple of days... well you know how it is... all the best laid plans of mice and men etc... . please someone point me in the right direction of my craft room , shut the door and lock me in.... PLEASE !!!! XXX

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Deb Wood said...

Too cute and fabulous coloring!!