Saturday, 22 November 2008

Peace and Joy

And now for something different !..Been playing with my CB folders and nesties... and this is what I have come up with.. Might add a bit of sparkle to it later... (might not lol)... got a few more ideas up my sleeve too in the same vein, now whether they work out or not remains to be seen lol... will need a bit of prescision engineering... to get the effect Im thinking of... so a bit of swearing might be on the agenda later. :) ..
Looking like the Elephant man ... again... abscess back up.. same place as before.. dentist booked for next Thursday.. if he wants to take this tooth out.. he is in for a fight ... To say I have a phobia of dentists... is still a slight understatement. !.. and they usually have to knock me out to take teeth out.. but I really dont want any more out... or will end up looking like gummy bear. !.. so.. think a lot of work will be in order.. yes.. I do feel sorry for myself.. :(.. scared, no... terrified, is probably a better word lol.. never mind.. in the mean time Im back to popping pills again.. these anti bionics dont exactly make me run round like Lindsey Wagner... (or have I got the wrong programme?, in which case... that might explain it LOL).
HOpe you all have a good day... Im off to attack the craft room for a few hours... will need to wade my way through xmas papers and.... organised chaos!.. more chaos than organised... but... I know where things are !!! (Ish)
Am also hoping some kind soul will send me some stamped images in the post soon.... as I cant enter the new PBSC until she does... humph.. so Toni... if you reading this ! LOL... help !!!!!! please. Im needing Funky Christmas !!! Can see a spendies coming on in new year if Im going to keep up with these challenges... dont think my 3 or 4 stamps will suffice for long do you?? lol...
catch you all later.. xxx
Val has got some fab candy up for grabs... and go check out her blog, well worth a visit.


Karen J said...

Brilliant card J .. love how you've combined the two folders .. clever or what!!
Karen xx

Greta said...

Who's a clever girl then? Absolutely gorgeous Jackie. Hope you soon feel better x
PS Just off to print out some pics so may have something to show you later lol

Anonymous said...

Lovely card Jackie brilliant how youve combined the 2 folders. I am going to try and tidy my craft stuff up today famous last works :0)

Jean said...

Lovely effect Jackie. Love your church scene card in previous post too.

Happy Crafter said...

Fab card very stylish very clever i loves it :)
Val xxx

Norma x said...

I love this one Jazz, its brilliant

Norma x

Cazz said...

Really effective card hun - love it. Now all I have to do is get the Monty python theme tune out of my head that I started huming as soon as I read your post title lololol

Sorry to hear you are back on tablets again xxx

Happy Crafter said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for entering my candy and good for the job not heard a thing from them...... never mind at least it wont cut into my craftin time lol
so there's one thing to be thankful for :)
Val xxx

Chris (Wellnifty) said...


Chris x