Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Ive been tagged

By Bev ..
thanks hun.. I think LOL...
and the idea is I have to state 7 interesting facts about myself.. and then pass on to 7 other peeps... so here goes.. not sure about the intesting bit thou !!!!

1).... Born in London within the sound of Bow Bells, so that makes me a true cockney (and very proud of that I am too)
2) ... I have a full motorbike license .. so yes used to ride bikes obviously 250cc, biggest I rode on own, as got short legs lol . !!!
3)... Used to own my own horse, and competed in Dressage, X country, and show jumping
4) ... Have a steering ticket, which enabled me to steer cross channel ferries from Dover to Calais ..and back again !! lol (first stewardess on P and O to achieve as far as I know).
5)... Hope to been thrown out of a plane next year for charity... belated birthday present from my kids... Im rather hoping they remind a chappy to put a parachute on and go tandem with me.. and not just chuck me out of the plane !!!!
6) ...Am not known for my tact.... so usually in trouble at some point.. but smile my way out of it ! :) cos Im loveable ! lol
7)... are you bored yet..? narrowly escaped, fire, drowning and bombings !!!! do you think someone trying to tell me something?? maybe something to do with no. 6 ???

Right now to do the hard part lol...
Will come back to this bit in the morning... x


wintersparkle said...

Oh Jazz love your blog and your facts you always bring a smile to my face xxxx

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Very interesting....Hope to been thrown out of a plane next year for charity... rather you than me..

Chris x