Saturday, 8 November 2008

Bit of a mixed day.

First the bad news... been over to 'Dads'House, yeah the one that took me about 15 months to gut and redecorate from top to bottom... and I mean GUT ... only to find... my basement flooded... totally... drain blocked (one downpipe to 6 or 8 houses)... yep mine !!!! ... and about 6"of water up the outside walls and door.... as Ive been away and not cleared it.. it run under the door and the whole front room was sodden.... worse still it had gone up the walls and its blown all the paintwork .. and stinks to high heaven ! ... could have sobbed. so.. will have to find someone with a de humidifier and get that dried out and rubbed back and repainted ! not a happy bunny. On top of that, Im coming down with a rotten cough and cold, and am beginning to feel...'well rough'as they say. (poor me LOL). well no one else here to feel sorry for me, so might as well feel sorry for myself. ! lol.

Good news.... (well it certainly cheered me up after that)... just got home and thought would do a bit of blog hopping etc.. and awaiting for me was a lovely √°ward'from Denise, thank you sooo much... really made up for such a horrible day, and also gained another follower in Denise, and another blog for me to visit too. So am looking on bright side...
Now to pass it on too 7 peeps ! omg... I would love to add a lot more than 7... as I just love so many blogs I visit.. so this is going to be very hard to chose just so few.


Will keep the crafters happy tomorrow lol... (and not just the nutters who have a silly sense of humour like myself).... and post some cards... yes.. I have made... erm... one or two...! lol
sorry about the links... well... lack of..... not sure what happened there... so we back to copy and paste again im afraid... sorry guys... gremlins again !!!!


Dawn said...

Aww thanks Jackie that is so nice of you and so sorry to hear about your house I wouldn't know where to start - absolutely terrrible luck and a cold coming on as well - hope things brighten up soon Jackie


Jak said...

Thanks hun, I'll add it to my side bar.
Jak x

Michelle Weerts said...

thank you for the award :) I would display it proudly on my sidebar if i could figure out how to do it :)

and hope your house gets sorted and things get better soon.

Kath said...

thanks Jackie for giving me this award...I have already received it but it was so nice of you to think of me and sorry to hear about the house....what a nightmare and you coming down with the cold as well...sounds like a bottle of wine might just do the trick or at least cheer you up.

Toni said...

Awww hunny thank you its really given me a boost today I needed it Cheerdss hun hope you get the house sorted out soon and cant wait to see the 1 2 cards LOL
hugs hun

sheffsue said...

Not a good time of year to get flooded..and your coming down with a cold on too.
Congrats on the award.

Sue x

denise said...

Aww Jackie, hope things pick up for you soon, just you look after yourself & glad to cheer you up a bit with the award. Denise x

Cazz said...

sorry to hear about your dads house hun. I know how hard you had worked on it xxx

and well done on your award x

Happy Crafter said...

Congrats on the award Jackie sorry to hear of your troubles and hope it all gets sorted for you soon and a cold on top of it all lets hope it wont last long.
Take care Hugs Val xxx

Karen J said...

Thanks for the award J ... when I get a spare 2 mins I'll put it on my blog and then do wot I'm supposed to do with it!!
Karen xx

Norma x said...

so sorry to hear about your Dads house Jazz and after all the work you have put in, hope you can manage to get it sorted. Cold aswell, you poor thing

Norma x