Thursday, 18 September 2008

Why Me?

Yep... you guessed it.. I got a duff one ! .... had the BT man out.. and guess what... it took him one and half hours to get nowhere basically, said he couldnt work out my puter neither.... eventually (after a bit of swearing under his breath) he did ring his mentor... (who just so happened to be having a day off !) lol...and with a bit of help did get the blooming thing to work ... wireless..... switched puter on and off a couple of times to make sure all was well... and off he went. Both of us very happy that he FINALLY got it to work....
Daughter and granddaughter came round for visit.... puter went to sleep... and when I opened it back up later... guess what.... it didnt work !! After me clicking anything that looked remotely like it could be clicked.... it come to life again.. BUT... it is NOT looking promising... so I thi nk tomorrow I will be ringing up BT yet again.. ever get that feeling you just not winning??????????
Needless to say... I did manage to finish my challenge card eventually... but cant show that just yet... and when I find the file that has my daughters birthday card in it.. I will post that... right now... lost the plot and the will to live... y et again... LOL Would have a serious drinky poos... but... after being ill for nigh on a week.... decided probably not such a good idea. (and no it wasnt alcohol induced). (which makes a change LOL). Still at least getting back in the swing of the blog... albeit a load of waffle and no cards to show... but then again, sounds about normal for me. ! Promise to find something to show you as soon as can. Or I will be sacked from craft blogger hehehe....

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sheffsue said...

Could only happen to you!!!...never are keeping Bt computer engineers on their toes...I think!

Sue x