Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Lets try again LOL

Will attempt to load the other card again.... it might work... as puter seems a little happier this morning... think it might be recovering from pmt..LOL.. ha too late now... changed ISP... just need to wait for the change over... but hopefully wont take too long, at least Im getting lots of other things done in the meantime .... as give up trying to look at anything on here after a while.
Right so... fingers crossed everyone... here goes.What an awful day it is... feels like ive slept for a couple of extra months, and we in the depths of winter... whatever happened to the sunshine this year? certainly wasnt in this country much.
Putting house on market today... hopefully it wont take too long to sell... will be glad to see back of it... been long hard haul getting it done.. and so glad its finished.... and needless to say.... I was getting someone in this week to sort the garden for me ! erm.... think thats out of the window for a while, now the weather has turned again. Oh well... they might be able to see the end of it if they look carefully LOL think they might need a machette and a pith hat... probably a family of pygmies in the undergrowth and a bengal tiger. lol

hey what you know.. pics loaded !! fabulous... right best post now.. before it disappears... catch you all later folks... hopefully xx


Deb said...

Glad things are sorting themselves out for you and I love that card

wintersparkle said...

glad to see you posting again Jazz lovely card

Liz said...

Lovely card Jackie glad your computer is behaving itself now. Mine seems to be still in two minds. Will I or won't I!!!!!!!