Thursday, 25 September 2008

Good Morning

Birds are singing, the sun is shining, what a lovely day it is today... such a contrast from the past couple of days. My little Robin is out and about searching in the garden... always makes me smile, as robins where my Dads favourite bird (and his name) and are mine too... Christmas cards always had to have a little one on there somewhere from me to him.... I find it very difficult now to make them... however... my little friend is out and about and put a mile on my face..
Not stopping long on here today as need to go and make a good friend of mine a congrats on your baby girl card....Well done Lynne ... and Lauren is a beautiful name...and such a little dot too... only 5lb 3oz.. but mum and baby doing well.
Can now add the card I entered into the last challenge on the Image-e-nation forum, which I am very happy to say came third. I was really pleased with this card.. and hope the lady that ordered it is too.
so... have a brill day everyone... and will catch up again very soon...
really must do some h........k today too.. lol.... ! .. still trying to work out how one person can make so much mess... still think the gremlins come in at night and have a party... cos i sure dont remember leaving it like this ......... :)


sheffsue said...

It's them wardrobe monsters that do it Jackie....they party while you are least that's what my 19 year old son says.

Sue x

Louise Emma said...

Well it is a gorgeous card Jackie xxxxx Thanks for entering my competition xx

PeeJay said...

Stunning card J and the one that I voted for. Now, had I known it was yours ............... LOL!!