Sunday, 7 September 2008

100th Birthday

Was asked to make a card for a lady of 100 years young.... what an achievement to get to that age.. Enjoyed making this one, as its flowers, and lilac (my favs)... and pretty bits.... Also have made a card for my grandson who will be 9, which I hope he will love, as Im none to sure on it myself.

Another dismal wet grey day down here in Kent.... a week of constant rain is enough for anyone... Town house holding its on the flooding scene... Luckily have a good friend now that is keeping a close eye on the basement for me, bless her. Takes a weight of my mind thats for sure. Car in garage tomorrow... see what the damage is... one tyre or two needing to be replaced... if two and one of them is the brand spanking new one I only just had put on... I can see tears ahead.

Only 5 more days to the Manchester Meet... so looking forward to it now.. But can see me in a last minute rush as usual... need to go in to spare room with pith helmet and torch... lol... think its time I got someone round here to put stuff up in attic... cos Im sure there is meant to be a double bed in there somewhere . !!!!!! But hey, look on the bright side... my craft room is looking lovely ! lol


Stacy said...

love cj's card he will love it
he loves horrid hentry and the resembalnace is scary lol
hope your ok love u

hayleyandjay said...

well done mum excellent card.. oi stacy eve, what you saying.. my son is evil with bad hair??? and picks on lil brother??.. lol.. you know him soo well..

Liz said...

Lovely card Jackie and like your horrid henry, my grand-daughter loves him too.

Bev said...

Is your grandson going to forgive you for that card hunny or did he love it. I do - I think it's brilliant!!

hugs Bev x

Dawn Loring said...

love both your cards Jackie, especially Horrid Henry

hayleyandjay said...

cameron absolutley loved card, as he thrives to be henry and nathan his 4 year old bother is perfect peter( for all you HH fans out there, you ll know what im on about, for mum.. it means nothing. except she best nanny in the world...well done..