Monday, 17 May 2010

Quickie card again

Made this one in a rush, and please dont say it looks like it lol.... been busy with Mum today, and sorting out all the gash for moros bin men... so this was thrown together, yeah I know... hopefully tomorrow will bring a better class of card ah ! lol
Also trying to clear up my blog a bit with whats in and whats out, and what I do and don't visit and what has gone... you following me here? no? oh well... I know what I mean lol
check out the blog candies I have found on my travels... and please take time to view the owners cards....
me.. Im off to raid the freezer and put my feet up.. Im shattered. :) Have a good evening all and sorry about card and lack of blogging today .. hugs x


Toni said...

its a pretty card Jackie
hope the sort out goes well

hugs Toni

Cal said...

Its a lovely card Jackie...doesnt look rushed at all x

Dawn said...

Rushed it may be but its a lovely card nevertheless. x

Liz said...

Wow another very pretty card love this
Very creative too

Liz xx