Sunday, 14 March 2010

Prepare to be shocked. !

Cos I was, .... I've made a card ! lol back to that in a mo....

Would just like to apologise for lack of more pics from hols... but been laid up most of last few days with chronic back problems... and this time I not exagerating. (Pam lol). have been hardly able to walk or move full stop.. even having to crawl on hands and knees up stairs at one point, but after a few tramadols, a large glass of vodka and a good nights sleep... I seem to be over the worst of it.. I hope ~!

From the feelings in my lower back, I think another disc has had its day... and I not talking record labels lol.. that and the fact my daughter pointed out \I've shrunk again ! cheers Stacy. ! going to be on eye level with Roo by this time next year lol.

Righty oh... card.... well as its Mothers Day.. I had no excuse not to at least try to make a card for Betty, who is more than a friend and mum to me... I did attempt to use Robbie Robo.. but... computer said no... got so far and puter froze up.. so gave up on that idea.... and used GCF to print out letters and hand cut them. didnt go overly mad with embellies, as Betty doesnt like ott cards. Hope she likes it.

As for Safari and hols snaps... I will be adding some more later today after I get back from lunch , myself , Stacy Ruby and Betty are all going out today.. will be a first for the four of us... sort of 4 generations... so will be nice.. just hope the chairs are comfy !!! as back still not 100% to say thwe least. So will catch up with you all later in day with next episode of our travels... in meantime... Pam is giving a fantastic record of events.. and in proper order to ! lol.. unlike me hehe.

HAVE A GRAND MOTHERS DAY . love and hugs


My'scardcorner said...

Lovely card Jackie bet Betty loved it hope you enjoyed lunch and your back is easier. Im off to daughters for dinner tonight.

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

This is a beautiful card Jackie! So sorry to hear of your back problems! Take it easy & rest! Chat you up soon! Hugs to ya!

Cheryl said...

great card hun hugs cheryl xx

Karen said...

Jackie I'm so glad that you're back and that you had a good time.
Stunning card hun. Love the papers and shades of pink. Wonderful.

Love Karen x

Bonibleaux Designs said...

Glad to have you getting back in to the swing of things after your FAB vacation!!! I'm still really jealous and can't tell if I'm mad at you for not taking me or just mad cuz I can't see more of your pics LOL!!! Love the sweet Mum card!!