Sunday, 28 March 2010

Guess what I made !!!

Sit down before fall down ! lol.. yes.. a card.. got a good friends birthday coming up soon, and I was soooo chillaxed yesterday, for a change... I went and poked my head into my craft room... and this is what I come out with... comments to self... could do better, but.. have been out of practice for a long while.. and yes.. I did enjoy making it... so... hopefully, my enthusiasm for card making will now return, albeit slowly... as long as it does.
A few more pics from hols... just to see if you can see a theme here. lol... Im letting Pam do all the writing up and the decent piccies, hehe... she SO much better at it than me. Will probably throw one more lot on here and then stop boring you... but need to go and check out sons piccies, as once again they better than mine. Seriously think had camera on wrong settings, as I not ususally THIS bad at taking pics. Sticky note to self.. FIND AND READ MANUAL LOL
Hope you all have a good day... catch you all laters... ooh and I really must start up my blog hopping again, missing out on so much... dont know where my time goes, although I think if I wasnt running two farms and a cafe, it might help lol.. xxxx hugs


Toni said...

lol two farms and a cafe get a manager in. fab pics and card hun

PeeJay said...

LOL! I'm still editing! BTW - none of these pics are yours! They're Liz's and mine *hehe*
Love the card ....

Micki said...

you crack me up!!!! Love those pictures..... I get to live vicariously through you :-).

LOve the card and am so glad you're back :-)