Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bet you been wondering !!!

Where I have been !!! Well old computer finally met its maker so to speak, and gave up the ghost... managed to get all files off of there,just, and its taken me a week to organise and sort and upload/download (never do know the difference lol) to this one... and omg...its fantastic... I now have speed... something that went a long time ago on the other one.. I have sticky notes... yeah ok, so its the little things in life that keep me happy lol... and MANY other wonderful things .... I would like to say a huge thank you to Lynns son, Jevon, who very kindly looked for the best my money could buy .. and he did a fantastic job. So, thank you Jevon. x
I will be continuing with my holiday photos, as have been going throu them and (oohhh it seems so long ago already).. and there are so many I would love you to see.... so... if you can bear with me for just a little longer, I will be putting a few on here again for you all.
I see Pam had to take a little breather from holiday pics too, as she says.. life just gets in the way sometimes, and I have to agree.
Also... I hope you are all following The Sisterhood of Crafters blog... I should be there doing my bit.. and I have to apologise, as I have been abscent from that also. As for making any more cards.... nope... but... from next week.. I will be back.
I am away tomorrow for a few days, to help my eldest daughter H, move back to Kent from Lincs... I am so happy that she is coming home... (she missed us all tooooo much lol) bless.
and needless to say, we have missed her. Now just to get my wandering son and daughter in law home.. lol.... but... then again..... I might not have such fantastic holidays if they do... so maybe I leave them where they are lol.
I will be back later today with some photos for you.... much needed caffine first !! lol
Hope you all have a fantastic day.. and I have missed being here... .... mind you... my house is very tidy for a change !!! lol... just the craft room to give a once over, before i return to card making and trash it again hehe. til later guys... hugs xx
ps Karen P ..... I will be checking up on you mrs. !!!!!!lol

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