Thursday, 11 March 2010

Houston - we have a problem !

Back to reality with a big bump ! My computer is on the verge of death. ! So if I suddenly go AWOL... you will all know why. Hence no post yesterday... EVERYTHING is taking forever to load, if at all... but fingers crossed. I can sort out a post before it conks out again... might take all day at this rate !!!Erm yes it did take all day !!!! 8 hours infact to get puter working. grrr.Even typing, is a sentance behind me before it appears on screen.

So.. back to holidays... I would like to say.. if you want a reasonabily sensible, correct day to day running of events, don't look here lol... go and visit Pams blog... she was far more organised than me ! infact... she was organised full stop lol.
My recollections of days and happenings are like the pictures I am adding... erratic.! can't think why ! lol.
You ready girls and guys?
On ONE of our bush outings.... we come across a lone bull elephant... and out come the cameras again... look just how close it come... amazing.. so.. Tracey.. this one is especially for you ! lol..

..... right... for all you that loves a cruise..... get out your finery, and take a seat... cos this is how Pam and Jackie do cruising !! lol.... we had on our best safari togs, and headed off into the bush... and we had breakfast with the captain, after our cruise !! cant get much better than this can it ?
the cruise, consisted of one rather small low down to water vessel !!!! and a few thousand crocs and how knows how many hippos !!!!! .. yeah... most of them under the boat no doubt... me? scared? course not !!!!!!!!! LOL.. however.... getting nearly beached next to a few finished off ANY bravery I might have had (but didnt) lol
Who would have thought you go out for hours into the bush, and there around the next corner is the best ever breakfast table laid up... boys cooking on gas.. ( i think lol).. and oooh bonuses of bonuses... we had a proper toilet... which after squatting behind the jeep a few times was a luxury !! lol... yeah ok, so I COULD have gone behind a bush... but not on your nelly... not taking NO chances in what might be joining me there and biting my bum.
Oh... and the only thing that managed to take a lift with us... on our cruise, was in the last piccie !!! LOL.. as long as the crocs not follow suit.. ok by me... although Anie was not so happy.. as it hit her straight in the face and left a lovely bruise to show for its arrival into the boat and was on the menu for that nights supper for the boys, (along with another one that thought it would have a bash at jumping the boat. ) needless to say.. it didnt make the other side !!! LOL
Our cruise ship !!!!!!
Another ... happening... :) ... sitting at Beho Beho.... ordered some refreshing drinks.... drinks come... Pam, and Tam had theirs... I picked up mine... and... well you girls will know I ALWAYS get the duff one !!! ..... and just as I was putting the straw to my mouth.... the whole bottom of my glass just fell away... yes I was pretty much covered in drink... not a drop touched my mouth.. Pam and Tam in hysterics... Tam said she had never, in all her years seen such a thing happen... the glass was a thick chunky one... so goodness knows how it happened... needless to say... Pam DID take a photo, (which I cannot find!!) .. but she may add to her blog if she comes across it. Apparently my face was a picture !!! humph... and yes I did order another drink, and held tightly to bottom of glass... as I seemed to do for the rest of the holiday !!!
As I said.. if you expecting fantastic shots and a lovely commentry ... go to Pams blog !!! lol..


Greta said...

OMG J it had to be your glass pmsl. Loving your tales & Pam's too xx

PeeJay said...

If you want to get the real story and the proper sequence of events then you need to read my blog - lol!! And .... I didn't take the pic, Matt did and he's not shared it .......... yet - lol!!

Sue said...

Oh Jackie,you make me laugh.All your photos are great.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad you're home. Reading all about your antics has made me laugh so much. I can just picture the scene with the glass, lol. I'm off to Pam's blog now, for the proper sequence of events, lol.
Pam xx

Carol said...

Trust you and what a waste of a drink :) :)

Looks like a fab time and hopefully loads happy memories too

Have a great weekend

Jak Heath said...

I have to say the pictures are amazing, and OMG look at that croc, I think I'd of peed my pants, you two have had such an amazing journey by the look of things