Saturday, 6 June 2009

IM BACK !!!!

I am so sorry I have been absent for so long, but as some of you may know, I had son and dil over from Africa for 6 weeks (with a little break inbetween, when they popped over to France for a while)... I have also had my two daughters and the grandkiddies here too, plus Matt and Anies friends popping in and out.. its been a bit manic to say the least, but I thoroughly enjoyed having all my family together at once, its not very often that happens, as M and A only get back to England once every two years. All is quiet in my house again, and I am gradually getting the house back to normal... lol... and boy is it taking time... having been feeling rough as old boots since they left, with cold and cough. However... Im a tough old chook, so will be ok given a few more days.
In amidst all the mayhem, illness and clearing up... I had a yearning to do something constructive... my poor plant was looking a bit worse for wear... (still not looking none to healthy)... it was pot bound... and the only flower pot I could find was half painted in maroon but someone.. (not me) ! lol.... so.. with an undercoat of cream paint, some napkins and plenty of pva glue.... this is what i come up with, not the best in the world, and certainly not the colours i would have chosen, but me being me... couldnt wait to go to town and find something in beige and brown !! lol... plant still not looking too good, but hopefully it will sort self out.
Big news !!!!!!!!!!!!!! as some may know..... new LaPashe sheets being shown on C and C on Sunday 2pm..... so... obviously... the DT members will have plenty to s how you.....
so dont forget to tune in to our Jak at 2pm. and please visit all the LP DT blogs.... and all I can say is... THEY ARE FAB !!!!

Ps ... Ruby Tyler will be having PLENTY to say too very soon... :) and cards will be back on here to show you... missed you all... xx


Lynn said...

I love your new plant pot Jackie. I am so impressed with what you have done! And to do it when you are not feeling up to scratch is even better, well done you!
I almost feel an urge to do one as well.

Deb said...

I think you`ve done a grand job hun, well done