Wednesday, 24 June 2009

IM BACK - did you miss me?? lol

I would like to say thank you to all the followers and regular blog hoppers etc, who have been popping in and out to see what I have been up to.... sadly NOT a lot.... two reasons... one life has been a bit hectic this past week or more, and two, but more importantly... I had to take my computer to the hospital.. it was very sicky poorly. It is now back with me, as you can see.. lol.... and it will take a while for me to re arrange all my files again, as the puter had a total heart transplant... it is now on the road to recovery... therefore I do not have to sit and nurse it too much other than sort out files. In the meantime... >I am now back to my craft room and will start to do what I enjoy the most... make a card... thats if I can remember where the craft room is and how to make one lol.
I received a lovely gift in the post from one of my best friends, Debs, her way of thanking me for keeping her entertained at the hospital was to buy me a wonderful gift... of................. COPICS !!! (thank you Debs),... For those that have mailed me etc... she is doing well.. but awaiting surgery etc... love and hugs hun.
I had the chance to try these out, finally, on my weekend away with the girls, and I love them. So... keep an eye open for my first trial and error attempt at colouring in with them ! lol...
Thank you Toni for the card stock... can go and play now !!!!!
Hopefully I will be back later today and start to add cards again to my poor neglected blog.
thank you all for being so patient.... but as we know.. life and problems sometimes just get in the way of crafting and blogging... love to all... and now Im back... you should have a card almost daily... (heres hoping ah !! lol)


Toni said...

bouttime you got back to playing
might even join in making a card this week too lol

Debs said...

About flippin time (no pun intended). I`ve missed ya loads x