Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Last two.. LaPashe Flippin Teenagers

Yes.... I know its stupid o clock.. but couldnt sleep AGAIN.. so thought, as I got a very busy day ahead tomorrow I would post these now whilst I think about it..
Dont forget to check out Toni and Karens blogs... (links on below post and sidebar).. yes IM TIRED lol... and would probably end up doing something wrong if I attempted that just now ... im hoping I actually manage to upload the right photos lol.. or you could end up looking at a frog with a worm in its mouth or two dogs caught red pawed on the sofa !! lol... and no.... for t hose that no me NO BIRDS OR FEATHERS !!!! camera would have been shaking far too much and would have been blurry LOL... x gawd they do your eyes in this time of the morning lol.. glad I NOT been drinking lol xx nite all....

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Greta said...

Great cards Jackie - both of them x