Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Kitchen !

Well I did say I would post some pics when it was finally finished,..... erm... its still not quite lol but I fed up waiting, not sure about you lot... there is still skirtings and archatraving to finish, but if you ignore that bit... then y es its pretty much done... not bad.... started in October.. and its now April... so................... !!!!!!!!!!!!
Will be adding some cards later,or at least one !, as I have spotted a couple of DT Calls that I am interested in... one is for GDT and the other DT... wont hold my breath on either, but.. as I am now back in the swing of things, It would be nice to have something on the go in the near future.
There are a lot of blogs out there I would love to be part of.... so just hoping that one day I will be 'spotted' and asked to join in... can live in hope ah ! lol... in the mean time, practice makes perfect... hehe... and I sure have away to go. ...
so for now... kitchen piccies.... x have a good day all. hugs


Dawn Loring said...

I like it Jackie. My neighbour has had the same kitchen installed by .....Howdens!!!

Kaz said...

looks fantastic hun, my new kitchen is on day 2 at the mo, no major problems, hope it doesn't take as long as yours!

Teri said...

Cor - that took some time to get done didn't it? Glad it's nearly over for you now hun.
Best of luck with the DT hunting!
Teri x