Sunday, 4 April 2010

A blokes card for a change

You know how much I hate making mens cards... but I HAD to do this one, as it was for my SIL's birthday, yesterday, I did have some help from Lynn, (thank you)... as I seem to be having a few problems setting up Robbie.... so had to hand cut all the letters.. grrrr... never mind got there in the end, after a few false starts lol... and this year, I didnt even use anything to do with Chelsea , hehe. all the 'tags' refer to drinking thou... not that he an alcoholic, rofl, just likes a beer or 3 now and again, so... along the lines of bottoms up, cheers, down the hatch.... etc.

Have also managed to make two more cards and on way to finish another... thats where Im going in a mo... whilst I still feel like it... :)..

I seem to spend more time planning,,than making a card... too many papers and copics to choose from me thinks lol... but then can we ever have enough or too much??? nah... :). Got some lovely turquoise flowers.... but can I find a paper to go with it?? nope !!!! so that tells me I maybe not got enough papers yet.. !!

Hope you all have a fabby Easter and dont eat too many eggs !!! lol... take care all.. hugs

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