Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Creative Card Crew Challenge

A very quick and easy Chrimbo card.. Cuddly buddly stamp, copics, stamped sentiment, cbug folder and crushed glass on acetate snowflake.. nesties and ribbon... done.. Done a couple using the same image, just love my hedgies.. and so easy to colour up quickly, which is just what you need for loads of Christmas cards, and card for the Creative Card Crew Chall.
had a day off from most things today... ie housework lol... whats the point !!! and crafting, due to visiting 'mum'. Can't do much tonight as light dreadful in craft room, so ...daylight lamp is defo on my list of things I need !!!!
Feeling absolutely shattered, not know why, as not done anything, just hope I not caught manflu from the chippy !!!!! (thats carpenter, not fish and chip shop rofl).
Kitchen at bit of standstill.. but I have the most amazing, fabulous.... CUPBOARD lol... only thing finished and plastered up.. dont ask.. its a long story.. but in brief.... moving of boiler holding up everything else.. still no lights... still no cooker... no ceiling.. no flooring.. or floor come to that... big hole in it... erm... well I will add a couple of pics.. and you will get the drift.. :)... but I just keep telling self... it will all be worth it in the end.....
think an early night might be order tonight.. and maybe I will feel a bit more with it tomorrow.. could be lack of good food !!!!! LOL... perhaps a chinese is on the menu for tomorrow hehe.


PeeJay said...

Oh dear! I have to ask though ... why've yer got a lawn mower in the kitchen - lol?

Jackie said...

where else am i gonna put it??????? i not got a shed yet ! LOL

Teri said...

Love the card!
I do hope these guys finish your kitchen soon!! Must be a nightmare!
Teri x

Cheryl said...

fab card hun love it love cheryl xx