Thursday, 22 October 2009

Still awol and Day 4 in de house.

Well sorry guys, but no card again today.... its just too hectic and messy.. and dont think I will be able to do much for a tad longer yet... my assistance, or hinderance is required by three hunky men... well.... how could I possibly refuse ! lol... Just not time to sit and craft, ...
House is in total chaos... layers and layers of dust throughout.... just as well I dont suffer from OCD anymore lol.... would be rocking back and forth in a corner by now. ! lol
Wall is down, window has been moved.. and I have a lovely eastern looking rug hanging up over window... lol... (well a grotty old bit I had chucked out, and the builders brought back in) !!! only for one night thou.. I hope !!!

awaiting delivery of materials now.. before next stage can commence... I am still able to use the kettle and microwave.. and water... so all is not lost yet. ! ... Im hanging on in here as long as can tolerate the mess and mayhem... (well with eye candy like Ive got to oggle... I not going nowhere just yet) rofl.
will add a few piccies of as was... and as is.... and I am not apologizing for the mess rofl. !!
Hope you all have a fabby day crafting !!! ... think of poor little ole me unable to settle in the peace and quiet and not quite so dusty craft room.... need to go out now for couple of hours.. then... run round after the chappies !!! :).. oooh the muscles on one of them.. phoar ! lol.. shame it not height of summer and blazing hot !!!!! :)


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Oh my ... what an undertaking!! Not to fear ... we're here when you are able to get back to your crafting! In the meantime, try to make the best of your days in whatever you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Get your mind out of the gutter, you brazen hussy!!! I think the worst part of the house to have to renovate is the kitchen. It puts everything out of order really. Bet you'll be glad when it's all finished...then you'll only have dreams of the hunks to sate yourself

Trace x

Dawn Loring said...

Well we want to see the eye candy as well Jackie, can't have you hogging all the talent

PeeJay said...

What are your mickey's gonna do now you've demolished their haven? Poor mickey's, cruel mummy!

Love it J and it's going to be soo much bigger when finished. It'll be worth it in the long run.

chelemom said...

Kitchens are such huge jobs!! Somehow the mess just seems to spill over into every other part of the house! (We did ours a few years ago!) It will be so worth it in the end though! Hang in there! : )

Diane Davies said...

So are we going to see any pics of the 3 hunks in your house? ; )