Tuesday, 6 October 2009

couldn't resist........................

Had my granddaughter over to stay tonight... and I couldn't resist taking these photo's and showing you.
The face of an angel? .. well yeah, when she asleep lol
this is Ruby Tyler with William and Piggy.. looking like every inch of a pure delight and angelic in every way.. oh if only you knew lol.
then a couple of hours later... i snuck up again, (basically to see where Xev dog was, as if I didnt know)... and there she was taking good care of bab. Xev is not known for her tolerance of kids.. nor am I come to that.. hehe... and there were 4 doors/room open for her, one with big double bed all to herself if chose.. and normally she would have, trust me. !!!! i find dog hairs in all the wrong places ! lol. but, when Roo is here.. this is where you will find her.. !!! keeping an eye and ear open., !
In a few weeks time, apparently, Roo is taking Xev into a dog show, as child handler lol.. SHE/Roo is only 2 and a half, but this dog.. is brilliant with her... (well the last few months has been) so, we will see what happens, I will take piccies for you all, and if you see the back end of a pair of shoes, it will be Rubys lol... but Xev seems to dote on her and keeps her safe.... a dog in a million (and a granddaughter) xxxxxxxxx


Kim said...

She is an angel! Love the photos and thanks for sharing with us!
Kim xXx

Kim said...

She is an angel! Love the photos and thanks for sharing with us!
Kim xXx

Jean said...

She is gorgeous Jackie. I think they all look so innocent when they are sleeping.....regardless of their antics when not!

PeeJay said...

Awww!! Bless!!

Greta said...

Aw she's so sweet. x

Anonymous said...

you can't take your eyes of this sweetangel!!


Sylvia said...

How sweet... she's so adorable, can't wait to hear how the dog show went xx

Sylvia xx

Anonymous said...

She's so adorable she looks like a doll.Good luck Ruby with the dog show

Lynn said...

What a darling!
I know they are always gorgeous when asleep, but she really is angelic Jackie. Xev is doing a really good job, I hope they win the dog show!