Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Update on dog.

Sorry I been awol last couple of days, but Xev, my collie X, had to go into surgery yesterday morning, and its been a testing time, to say the least.

Some of you may remember she had a lump growing under her chin, and what first started out appearing like a golf ball in her throat, looked more like a tenniis ball by the end of it... so had to revisit vets, who advised for it to come out (no surprise there)...  so yesterday she had the lu mp removed, and luckily to say, it was only a fatty tissue lump.. phew, the relief was immense.

She came home at just after 2pm, and  welll .. the antics started there.... firstly, another dog wanted to get friendly.... Xev obsviously still away with the fairies and having a hard enough time staying upright and walking in a straight line (sounds like me after a good night out) ! did not.  ... then trying to get her into the back of a two door car... with a bit of negociating of the lampshade on head, and a lot of persussion, plus a helping hand on the rear end... we got there.... albeit not very pretty looking.  
Some idiot had backed into and parked as left... yep I should have taken his number, but.. head not in right place at that point, (still need to inspect car).

Now, if getting  IN the car was difficult... getting her out was a whole new experience.. cos.... by now, she even more dopey, or stubborn, or just plain playing on it,  there was no way she moving a muscle for the thing on her head to attack her again. .... so trying to remove 18k of dead weight dog (me with a bad back), and manovare out of the back.. was a ' sight for sore eyes.  (now I remember why I have always kept mini yorkshire terriers... !!!)

eventually in house... and more 'nightmares' begun..... she is terrified of the lampshade,(neurotic at best of times)  and try as I might to remove it... it just NOT happening, eyes not brill, and the plastic clips refused to budge.... after half an hour.... and a lot of swearing.. only one of the two clips undone, i had to admit defeat.  So the thing has to stay put. (hoped for a couple of hours without it.. however)

Bedtime...., omg.... wished I had slept on the sofa, cos reckon it would have been easier.... getting her upstairs, (not even going into that) ! just use your imagination !!! lol
All night she trying to get on the bed, then trying to get off the bed, then trying to sleep on top on me, etc etc etc... two needed visits to the garden.... and we have one very very tired Jackie today.. and one totally panick stricken dog.. who is still bleeding from the drains in neck... great !  and walking into everything that doesnt move, or indeed that that does.... It going to be a LONG few days !!!!!

Sorry for long post, but it might explain a little why I will be away from cards and commenting,  for a few more days to come.
Luckily I up to speed with my DT cards, although I desperately wanted to play with my new Pink Gem images, I think thats on hold for a moment...  she too big in lay in craft area at best of times, never mind with a big hat on  lol.  

so from one very bruised, battered, sore, tired, but extremely relieved Jackie   hugs xx
and will defo catch up soon.

PS  Murphys / Sods Law..... youngest daugther used to be vet nurse for years.... and where is she this week????? away on a work meeting for the week, and joy of joys, like I not got enough to worry and contend with.. I got Ruby aged 3 and half for three days too.... OH BLISS !!!!!

now the fun with getting tablets down neck start !!! yep a LONG LONG LONG few days !!!! lol 


Toni said...

Breathe Jackie Oh my what a few days hun you hang in there and not on the lampshade Hugs Toni xxx

My'scardcorner said...

Oh Jackie what a night as they say Hope things get easier today and Im sure Ruby will help :0)


Rach said...

oh dear Jackie,
hope things get better for you hun.. xxx

Adele said...

AAww Jackie, it's like a sitcom in your house! Hope the dogs feeling better soon and things pick up. Ask Ruby to remove the lampshade, kids seem to have a knack lol

Faye said...

Hello! Hope your dog it all back to normal again soon. xx