Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Last dog update ! (for now)

Evening all... (Dixon?) if you know that, you as old as I am lol

As I have received a few messages from friends, re my girlie, Xev, I thought I would put a post on here tonight to let you all know whats occuring. :)

(Promise to TRY and add a card tomorrow)....

We went to vets this evening,a nd.. hurrah... no more lampshade, that means... no more sleepness nights, no more back ache, no more... oh .. sorry Xev.. looking stupid and uncomfortable.. !! lol  Stitches out, all healing/healed  fabby.... dont have to wear lampshade no more.... and.. tomorrow we.. ok Xev, going for a run, no lead walking... but A RUN... being Collie X, she got LOTS of excess energy, and although as good as gold on lead.. she loves a good.. chase the ball game..  so, I am actually looking forward to.. (I didn't say that, did I??) taking her out tomorrow and letting off the lead.. first time in 10 days... and BALL !!!! ..  

Thank you all for your lovely comments and best wishes on my fur baby, and  I am sorry no cards of late, but... hopefully.... I can now get back to them... so many half baked ones on go, just got to remember which for DT's and which for pleasure lol....  hugs J and Xev xx

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