Saturday, 15 January 2011

Update again on doggggg

Well, as I haven't got any cards to show, thought I best do something :)    Reason for no cards.. dog and granddaughter. !
But... am on the case LOL..
Xev doggg, on the mend.. had drain taken out,, and Vet very pleased with healing of stitches.  Go back next Wednesday, to have stitches out.  
In the mean time.. Im trying my best to HIDE the drugs,   Xev 3 ... mum 1... yep she winning paws down. ! keep finding the tabs spat out in various parts of the living room...  tried cheese, tried sausages, tried.. well.. I on verge of shoving down throat now ! lol... but.. she neurotic as best of times, so trying to hold out on that one..  
But. all is well... lampshade off when I about, eyes in bum job, but worth the lack of pain in ear drums... whining. !  Can't possibly 'do' the food or water bowl, with 'hat' on... so would rather starve and dehydrate than attempt either. ! lol.. as said NEUROTIC. !  
Couple of cards half baked.. .. still nothing finished as such.. so please bear with me... I will get there. !  All services should resume to normal as of next week.. (she says ) !
Enjoy rest of weekend.. hugs J x
thank you all for your comments and best wishes of the Xev front.  x


Daisycat said...

Pleased to hear doggie on the mend. When I had to give my dog any tablets I used to wrap them up in ham like a sausage roll and give it to her, it worked a treat every time.

My'scardcorner said...

Glad to hear doggie on the mend Jackie Ive been there with the tablet lark and its not easy lol
Hope she continues to improve and you can get back to making your gorgeous cards.

Patty said...

You poor thing, we went through the same thing with our fur ball. She was such a baby and I am not the most patient nurse. Hang in there...

Carole said...

Pleased your doggie is on the mend !
miss seeing your gorgeous cards looking forword to normal service soon !

Carolerob x