Friday, 27 March 2009

My visit by Ruby Tyler aged Two !!!

Hello everyone...
did you see, Ive had a birthday since I last wrote to you all... Im soo big now.. Im two..
Ive given nannie her orders for the night, so best she behave and do as I told her, ie... Im not going to bed unless Iggle piggle is on tv... she said something about not having dvd cd or bbc... not sure which... so she put... Elledale on for me, dont go much on that at all.. not quite in the midnight garden now is it... more like in a garage... I dont do cars.... well I like my lego ones, but not watching them on television.
Nannie gave me my milk... which I drunk, after she threatened to take it away and drink it herself, cos I said NO... I learnt the horrible word too now.. and I use it ALL the time... now they know how I feel when they say it to me all the time !!!! :)
Ive had my story, didnt go much on that either, sure Daddy and Mummy say different words than Nannie, maybe she cant read?? I think she just making it up as she goes along, she thinks I stupid and not know the story, I do so... !
So Im supposed to be sleeping in Nannies big bed... yeah right... like she can keep me in that ! .. I escaped.. was ok, got out no problem.. even with a guard thingy and lots of pillows to stop me, it was like climbing Mount Evercrest... but I managed it... trouble is... I cant get back in it now and I am soooo tired... think Nannies bed bit bigger than my one.. think that cos Nannie got longer legs than me !
Ive had a play with the doggies... Muggi looks so pretty with stickers on her... as does Xev, and also Nannies floor and Nannies sofa. :)
Wanted a biskit but i not allowed, cos threw my toast over the table and nannie said i had to put back on plate.. I dont think so... doesn she not recognise a paddy??
Well thats the third time ive had Nannie upstairs.. last resort.. tried EVERYTHING else... only one thing left to do to get self down stairs... poo in my nappy ! :) Cant understand why Nannie looks SOOOO discustard... its quite normal you know.. think she said somethink about smelly bum and words I not quite understand yet... but Im learning ALLLL the time.. cos I two now.. and cant wait to be three... Bit tired now everyone, so th ink I might just have to have a little bit of shut eye... just the one eye though,... dont want Nannie thinking I sleeping.. got to keep her on her toes... cos I still got hump I never had my biskits .. if i get time in morrow I write again... nite nite xxx Ruby Tyler aged two xxx


Lynn said...

So funny! Ruby what a clever girl you are! Sorry to hear that your nappy was custard coloured though, I'd get Nannie to check that thoroughly if I were you!
Hope to hear from you again soon. Tell Nannie that you want to stay with her more often!

Dawn Loring said...

Ruby how lovely to hear from you again. You must tell Nannie that you have to stay more often coz Nannie's friends love listening to your stories. Tell her she is a meanie for not letting you have a bikkie, just because she is supposed to be on a diet.................big girls talk in more than one way.

Joy said...

Hello again Ruby, what a mean Nannie you have. She doesn't appreciate what a clever girl you are now you are 2.

Deb said...

Definitely a big clever girl now you`re two Ruby. Its about time Nannie knew who was boss isn`t it? lol

Karen said...

What a clever girl you are Ruby Tyler now that you're 2. It sound like you had a big adventure at Nannies. What a meanie not letting you have biscuits, but you do need to be good to get them.
Have a lovely day and be good girlie.

Love Karen xxx

Toni said...

nanny definetly not nice ruby not letting you downstairs and no biscuits how could she mean nanny :( lol

Norma said...

Hello again Ruby and what a clever girl you are now you are 2
I think your Nannie is just so mean not letting you have biccies
you willhave to stay more often to get her better trained

Norma x

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Oh Ruby what a wonderful story... i have been giggling for ages reading all the things you have been getting up to. Please do ask nannie if you can stay again soon and come back and tell us all what you have been doing.
Love n hugs
Vikki xx