Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mothers Day Card

Still in the lilac theme... sooo trying to do another colour honest lol.. but another little pot/vase of lilac flowers that I liked.. thought these were pansies too untill I had finished cutting them out.. and realized they roses lol... cant say Ive seen roses this colour, however.. !
Made this for my 'Mum' a darling lady I have known for about 7 years now, who I met and go and visit her at least once every week.. and we put the the world to rights, we chat and laugh, have lunch, I take her shopping, and lose her on a regular basis, lol.. not deliberately, think I need one of those springy wrist things on her that they put on kiddies nowdays, she has a tendency to dissapear around corners If I turn my back on her for a mo, needle and haystack comes to mind in the mega Tesco store. !!! she has more or less adopted me as her other daughter... I love her to bits and wanted to do something special for her. As much as she loves my 'normal'cards.. she doesnt do little girls without mouths lol... but as I tell her, thats cos they should be seen and not heard hehehe. She adores flowers and likes decoupage... so I hope this fits the bill nicely.
Im thinking pink ... pink pink.... not sure if will work... but if I say it enough it might lol.. catch you all tomorrow... xx
I did trim the ribbon AFTER I took the piccy lol..


Dawn Loring said...

Lovely card Jackie, I am sure MUM will love it. Yes roses do come in this colour, can't remember the name off he top of my head but if you google lilac roses a whole bunch will come up.............sorry for the pun

Karen J said...

Just love it xx

Joanie said...

It is beautiful Jackie, I love lilac roses myself, think the one I have is called 'Blue Moon'
I bet Mum will be thrilled to receive such a card, well done
Joanie xxxx

Anonymous said...

Its lovely Jackie and your adoptive mum will love it and try harder not to loose her please lol

Anonymous said...

i love it jackie and am sure mum will too everything about it is beautiful love the layout
chrisa x

Toni said...

beautiful card jackie love the lilac Toni x

Bev said...

Gorgeous card babes, love the lilac x

Anonymous said...

It's lovely Jackie. Your "Mum" will just love it.

Trace x

Daisycat said...

Lovely card Jackie, I am sure your adopted Mum will love it.