Saturday, 23 October 2010

Xmas cards- something different (for me)

Cannot believe its been a whole week since I posted... but not felt like doing much card making, so had nowt to put on blog.  Then last two days... decided to do something totally different... Make Xmas cards lol.. Whilst I was away for the crafting weekend, Jennie's shoebox card was a material and padded Xmas card, I really liked the idea of this, as something totally different for me, so, ventured into town in the week, found exactly what I needed, ( probably got enough stash now to last til next year) as the wadding had to be bought in ... shall we say, a rather large quantity... :) 

I don't possess any square nesties, (so don't look too closely) lol... Defo time Robbie came out of hiding and started earning his keep. !!! I was tempted.... briefly... very briefly... to add peeloffs around the edge.. but just couldn't force myself to do it. LOL..  I also dug out my tapestry stamps, and have been having a right ole good play... Im pretty pleased with the way most of the cards turned out... and at least with experimenting, I know what I do and don't think looks ok now. :) Just one I not happy with, so didnt have too bad a day :)

I will be back tomorrow with a Kenny K card, as it will be the A teams challenge week, and .... well you will have to pop back tomorrow to see what it is.. :)... Enjoy the rest of your weekend... and will be back tomorrow. x hugs Jackie x


Daisycat said...

They are lovely Jackie, well done you.

Lynn said...

I love the effects you have created Jackie. Just goes to show that we have more tucked away than we can remember. Love the tapestry stamping.

Mel said...

These are beautiful. Mel x