Friday, 29 October 2010

Not a Christmas card, for a change

Another horrible day in Kent.. gloomy, damp, grey, cold...   good excuse not to go out til need to walk the dog ... mind you saying that.... feel a trip to vets might be in order again.  Poor girly not right today, think the lump in throat needs another look at. She certainly putting me through the mill of late... not doing my stress levels any good at all.

So to cheer me up, Im putting my recently coloured Tilda card on here today, been trying to get this card on blog for nigh on a week, lol... this was the one card I actually remembered to take a pic of the copics I used.... just hope I can now find the picture rofl... yep.. useless comes to mind ! (update... no I cant!). I give up, all my good intentions ....... rofl... yep defo useless.!!!!!

The two bp's I made myself, as don't have much red stuff ... good excuse to have to go on a spendies I reckon LOL...  The back one I clear stamped and embossed onto plain red paper, using an SU rollerwheel, the top paper I just used plain copy paper and once again an SU rollerwheel with different design, and just inked up. nowt special, but love the swirls.  Defo need to have a bit more of a play with those.  Did try out some other wheels and various inks, so you might see a few more similar in time. Sentiment stamp by Whimsey.  Flowers froms stash. I actually think these would have worked on a Xmas card... um.... might need to try that !
Right Im off for a cuppa, and keeping close eye on my girlie.... she certainly not herself today.. Mind you if I had a lump size of a golf ball stuck in my throat don't suppose I would feel too brill either. Um... defo re visit to vets. ... Will need to take out a mortgage at this rate.... LOL
Have a good day all,, and will let you know any developments on my fur baby. xxxx hugs J x

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My'scardcorner said...

Lovely card Jackie. Hope your little girl is Ok what did the vet say? Hugs from me